A Busy Street

Shameless, nude always invites
To outrage her modesty,
Smooth and grey
who would not be
The victim of her
Pleased with being invaded
Yet wishes them to lessen
their intensity,
In search of peace most blameless Yet always ready for retribution,
Like a great saint who never minds to take
The burden of their sin,
Bearing the rage of elements and lost in her silence,
Like a harlot baring her bosom to all,
Welcomes each new and old visitor,
But ah!
Has anyone ever tried to descend in her emotions?
Still looks all the time so fresh and so new.

by Mohammad Akmal Nazir

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Welcomes each old and new visitors, very beautiful observation about busy street. Excellent work.
An interesting poem making good use of language. (Unsure about the droning, computerised reading that's on offer, though! It's not the fault of the writer, of course, but it certainly doesn't do his work justice..
i love the imagery and simile in the poem, it is a very inspirational poem when it comes to richness of symbolism.great poem
It Could Be That Of, I Mean It has A Nice Story Behind It, People Can Take The Coldness emotion's of any woman & Blame Guilty On Her So She Feels Guilty, But In My Eyes It Is Wrong To Blame Everything On A Woman As It Is A Woman Blameing Everything On A Man, I Truly Like The Story & Message Behind It, U Are A Top A Writer(Nice Work Mohammad Akmal Nazir)
nicely done good source of imagery and emotion used i like it
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