MK ( / South Africa)

A Butterfly For Kathy

Written by my friend Judy for her friend in Boston, USA:

You told me to watch out for a butterfly
A white one at that –
But I whispered, there are none flying by…..
Tomorrow, you said, I should look out.
But they won’t be here, I shrugged:
they’re rarely about.
But on Friday I remembered
and went into the garden.
But a day had already gone by.

As I pulled up weeds and fingered the soil
I kept wondering about my chances
of sighting your butterfly.
So I spoke with God in my garden
about all things bright and beautiful
and the butterfly you wanted me to see.
I bent down to touch a lily
with it’s colours shaded bright
When from a leafy hollow something flew up
and lightly touched my hair.

Could it be that despite the distance between us
God had given us something to share?
I looked up and smiled
as it fluttered towards the sky and I knew…
‘Twas indeed God’s messenger
with the sun upon it’s wings.

How great Thou art, I thought……….
Butterflies usually fly north
when the summer has gone
but this year they started early.
Did you put a fleece out, my Kath
For Him to show He loves us dearly?

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Margaret Kollmer, I know what you mean about the lilting feeling of a butterfly. Your poem speaks to the message of spirit, Why are we drawn? God's beauty is deep and speaks to our hearts as nothing else can. You wrote a terrific poem! Blessings in your life and writing kathy