A Butterfly In Love (Being Inspired By A Painting Of Kathleen Guilfoyle Mulligan, Me Myself And I)

'Dear Butterfly!
I am not a flower and have no nectar for you,
why are you dancing and singing above my head,
do you love me?

by Akhtar Jawad Click to read full poem

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A most beautiful tribute to our lovely earth. Where would we be with out our dear Mother Earth!
Lovely poem..................!
'Dear Butterfly! romantic and wonderful piece of literature, thank you for sharing
'Dear Butterfly! romantic and wonderful piece of literature, thank you for sharing the poem with us
Wow! An excellently created and narrated poem. I love how the things the little butterfly took for granted in her existence here below, were the very things she missed when she soared high above them. It is such also with human beings. We become bored with the mundane/the ordinary, yet when we are far away from those things it is only then that we truly appreciate and value and miss them. It was only when the butterfly was so far away on a thrilling adventure that she realised the beauty of the world she lived in and appreciated it fully. She names out all the things she misses. I was amazed that she found the moon ugly and disappointed she didn't get to meet 'the man in the moon'! She might have fallen in love with him. A very insightful poem, which I so enjoyed reading. Wonderful write, dear friend Akhtar inspired by a very beautiful painting. Thank you and Kathleen for sharing. Blessings for a very nice, pleasant, relaxed evening...
Life's like that only. We do not realise the importance and value of a thing, person or a place when it is closer to us. Thanks for sharing, Sir.
We are lucky and thanks to god he has sent us on beautiful 🌎 earth.......lovely poem :)
A lovely imagination resulting in a lovely poem..........................