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A Butterfly's Life Dream.
AW (7/09/1940 / Hong Kong)

A Butterfly's Life Dream.

Poem By Albert Wong

One day I slept under a shade tree.
A sweet dream came into my mind.
I was a butterfly flying freely and went into tree’s hole.
There I saw many beautiful and lovely girls.

I dream my self as a young man to meet them.
They loved me too much and let me married a lady.
We had children and a nice family and to be an officer.
Our lives were so comfortable and got everything.

I was so satisfied with my life in this family.
Suddenly I found myself was so lucky and happy.
I had my best job with great right and everything in hand.
There’s only the emperor was my boss.

How lovely was such an ideal life of mine in there?
From young to old seeing my families was so happy.
My wife was the most beautiful princess.
Oh my God! One day everything is gone.

There’s myself, a butterfly flied out from the tree.
Looking back and immediately woke up knew it was a dream.

Note: This is created according to an ancient Chinese idiom.

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We need dreams, to inspire us, to show us the way. Dreams give us thoughts, thoughts give us an idea, an idea is what we need to succeed. nice write.........