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A Butterfly's Wings
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A Butterfly's Wings

Teardrops fell from Shelly's face, as she held her mother's hand,
Sorrow filled her broken heart as she fought to understand,
Why her mother was dying, why she had to let her go,
And as her fear grew stronger, Shelly felt her panic grow.

For how would she survive without her mother guiding along?
Giving words of encouragemant, support to make her strong?
As Shelly started trembling, tears continued down her cheeks,
She realised that the end was near, she'd prepare for it for weeks,

But now here in that moment, Shelly couldn't say good-bye,
Instead she stood there silently as her mother watched her cry,
And as if her mother read her mind, or maybe her heart,
She spoke her final words, intended to leave her marks.

'There are so many things I need to say, so many things before I go,
But time is of the essence, so it's important you know...
That sometimes, you'll feel powerless, believing you can't win,
What others think of you will be the image you hold within.

'You'll feel you have to follow quietly, at someone else's pace,
And be the image on magazine covers, the perfect smiling face,
With the pressures to be perfect, you'll doubt yourself, and what you can be,
But I ask you, dear Sheryll, whenever you doubt yourself, stop and think of me.

'For when I look into your eyes, I see a million stars,
Shining from within, all you magic and who you are,
In your face, a flower's blossom, a starlit winter's night,
A butterfly's wings spread gracefully, without effort, taking flight.

'A summer breeze and sunlight, colourful leaves found in the fall,
Springtime filled with new life; in you, Sheryll, I've found it all.
All in life that's remarkable, when I look at you, I see.
And if you can't believe that of yourself, then at least believe in me.'

'And know how well deserved your place is in this world,
Be a clear example, be a mentor to every girl,
Take pride in all you are...a woman who is strong,
Even when you stumble, when you feel you don't belong.

'For God had a part in making you, and all that's on this Earth,
And even if you don't realize it, you have tremendous worth.
For though a butterfly may seem delicate...fragile to the eye,
Don't overlook the fact, it has what it takes to fly.

Shelly's mother closed her eyes; her life on Earth was gone,
But her words remained behind, giving Shelly the strength to carry on.
For in her mother's words she hear a message reliable and true:
There's nothing in this world a woman cannot do.

Though there are often times when Shelly feels weak and small,
And it would seem easier to give in to others, instead of proudly standing tall,
She finds herself thinking clearly of all the little girls on Earth
Who feel so unimportant, not aware of their own worth.

And then she hears her mother's voice, from a breeze softly passing by,
'Don't overlook the fact, you have what it takes to fly.'

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