Resurrection Versus Reincarnation

Why things are created?
What is God’s purpose?
Once upon a time only God existed.
If all creations extinct in God it will make no difference.
Can believers in reincarnation explain this thing logically?

Why we will be deprived of bodily pleasures?
Pleasure of body is more intense
Than pleasure of soul; don’t you agree?
Pain of body is more intense
Than pain of soul; don’t you agree?

You must admit
We will miss our body during Nirvana
Cause we love eating, drinking and enjoying sex.

Why God will snatch away our bodies forever?
Does God lack so much power?

Whereas according to Islam
God has a specific purpose to create
From the day of resurrection onward
He will make His best friend
Prophet Mohammad most blissful
And His other near and dear ones
Will also be happy eternally
On the other hand
God will punish His enemies
The ill part of Himself

On the day of resurrection
We all will be given new bodies
To make both body and soul of God’s friends
Extremely happy and peaceful
And to give outrageous pain
To the enemies of God.

by Asif Andalib

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