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A C T C - 2014/10 - Non-Competing Joke Entry
(Jan.20,1943 / Oklahoma)

A C T C - 2014/10 - Non-Competing Joke Entry

Bride You, Groom Me?
By James B Johnson

(Monkey Shines on Typewriter)

Monkey dreams, sex, more sex,
Banana nice too,
Once in a while!
Tastes better though
When cute butt peels for me
Too much rain,
Smell like stale carpet
Who will groom me now?

Something big comes,
Sure not stinky me!
Haul my ass up tree!
Dominant males
Chest thumping braggarts
Really stink I think!

Whoo Whoo Whooee!
Cute butt three trees over!
Maybe she wet too
No notice stinky me
Mistake me for brother
Until too late! Whooee!

Oh Wow! (thumping chest!)
Sweet, sweet, sweet, treat!
Was it good for you too cute butt?
Oh yes, right there! ! Hmmmm!
You can groom me anytime!

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Comments (2)

you are so eloquent in your chastisement of mr. merov the magnificent. i've already sent you a comment on your cutesy poem. and i know who that monkey REALLY is. like the girl who sat without a dance partner at the college/high school dance, it was YOU! :)
lolz! interesting Mr Brian... notes help a lot.