Magician Par Excellence

Seated in the front row
All set for the show
A magic show in town
Magician of great renown

Juggles object with precision
Plays with fire with no hesitation
Vanishes people and objects into oblivion
Re-appear they do – with the same articulation

Return home I do with great admiration
For the magician who captivated my imagination
Tricks that leave me thinking
Of a magician who has given me my being

An act designed by him
Puppets we are at his whim
Taking birth from a womb within
Live and play roles as written

From birth to death
He holds our every breath
Rules to follow, path too narrow
Walk we must – or fall into the hollow

A prayer every night
for a day safe and bright
This Magician provides the light
to get past the toughest plight

A show that goes on to eternity
if you come, you leave with certainty
Every member is on this stage
Playing an act at every age

Script written, no scope for change
Enact your role – turn a new page
Be good, your are rewarded
Break the rule – you can be hounded

A chance to meet the magician
Your creator and maker – that is no fiction
He keeps an eye on your every action
End of your role; exit the stage in a fraction

Your ticket to his paradise
Is in the form of a prize
For a role well played on the dais
Death it is - comes without a price

by Girija Menon

Comments (2)

Yes, it is difficult to read- -but I cannot picture it being as effective in polished grammar.
I am not a fan of indistinctive language! No matter the context!