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A Caged Bird

A Caged Bird

A Caged Bird

A caged bird dreams in his iron-barred cage
Fluttering his wings and flying away
Floating along the surging waves of free breeze
Till he reaches atop the mount of freedom
He drops his wings in the glittering sun's rays
And dares to claim his freedom lost
But, his cage is a fortified prison
It's bars are tightly fitted without one silt
Through which he would hop out to fly in the free sky
His wings are clipped and his feet are tied
Still His passion for freedom boils his blood
So he sings a heart-wrenching song
"I spend sleepless nights thinking
My clipped wings shall grow again
But who will break open the iron gate?
Who will cut the knots of my feet?
They snatched my freedom at an awful cost
Maiming, blinding, burning homes, and spilling blood
But I am not afraid of claiming my freedom
The cage-keeper hates my voice
But, still I will keep singing the songs of freedom
I am not wary of resisting, I am hopeful I will prevail"
His fearful shrieks reached out
Echoed in the parliament of free birds
For the first time in the long run they passed a resolution
Asking the cage-keeper to set him free


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