A Dark Friend

The darkness around you
A great place to go and hide
Soon it takes over working
Its way inside

So quiet no voices no people
Your on your own
Nothing feels more like living
So safe and at home

Hidden away from the world
Not letting anyone in
Not caring about anyone
Or anything

This is a life that was chosen
And not pushed on to
Happy when alone and its
All that you would do

To be alone by yourself
not needing anyone
life and this world
you are finished and done

covered in such darkness
never letting in the light
taken away from this world
out of mind out of sight

curtains drawn over
hiding behind the blind
the dark is the most
safest friend of mine

wrapped up and taken
from so much fear
unable to see but now
everything is so clear

away from the hurt and
the people all around
able to think without
anything making a sound

so much darkness in one life
but yet so happy still
nothing but the dark and shadows
with cold and icy chills

by kate Emma

Comments (9)

makes me want to read the rest of the sonnets in this series..lovely colourful poem..
Stupendous write...........
I love it because I was born on Otober...hahaha
yes, wonderful october indeed! ...a novel read!
Wonderful write. Enjoyed the read.
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