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*a Call For Faith

What have I lost
I wonder...
And look inward.

Only my heart:
for it lies with you.

Only my soul:
for it's lost, in wilderness
abandoned by my searching self.

Only my voice:
the unspoken words
the unfelt plea
At a loss to articulate.


Why can't I even
find the words
to pray?

I'm thankful, though,
I still have You
Dear God,
Waiting for me...

1 July, '07

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profound write, well expressed
Nothing is lost as every sunrise is new day with new hope faith can move mountains.............there is hope waiting somewhere
god waiting...start afresh...heart soul and voice in full bliss 10
Faith is power and it can pull inner and mould it strong... God acts as a protective shield but many fail to understand his gentle care.. I liked thiis call for faith.. Rema