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A Call To Death
STO (4th May / Purulia)

A Call To Death

Poem By smk the observer of emotions

Death is the thing
Which horrifies on its utterence;
But here I am
Standing and waiting for its occerence.

Yes, you heard very right
That it's me who stands by;
The one who always thought of life
And hadn't a single moment of sigh.

But life's a train
With a destinantion unknown,
And you never know
What's there left still unshown.

Death, I am not joking
So as you may think.
I am here with all my courage
And with my every sense's link.

But yes, you have to stand by
As I have some tasks incomplete,
And then I would be with you
Leaving everything, ready for my last flight.

On the way there
I may shed a lot of tears,
For I have to leave forever
Even the dream of my dears.

But don't be taken aback
I may feel feeble and weak
And I may request you to move back
So that I may go for my love to seek.

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