A Call To The Minutemen

Hear me, ye fellow Dogs of War,
You who call yourselves Patriots,
Hear me so that I am known,
Fore, we are not to be ignored,
Not to be discarded without a second thought,
Not to be used without proper necessity,
We are the blood of the nation,
The beating hearts pulse of our people,
When all is lost, when all is bleak,
It is we who stand strong, who are tower over all,
and weather the coming storm that casts dark shadows on the gentle people,
And it is our burden, our promise..
To defend Liberty and her subjects, her citizens, her constituents,
From the doom that the storm threatens to bring,
We stand united,
We Patriots all, We MinuteMen, Us Defenders of Home and Land,
Till there is nothing left,
Till the end of time.

by Michael Stevens

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