RAJ ( / Wichita Falls, Texas)

A Calling

The boys back home will let you know
that life is full of surprises.
Searching for the truth is like
searching for the unknown. A mystical
side of life that depicts the truth.
Inspired by confidence, there is no
end to the possibilities of human
kind. Just as the sea shells of our
waters, mankind shall continue inhabiting
planet earth. The lord will continue manifest-
ing from the spiritual, to the supernatural,
to allow our souls to grow.
He who shall seek the truth of the
lord first -- shall truly know what the lord has
in store for him. Biblical
truths are for divine help and ways to com-
municate with the lord. Surely then
anyone in his right mind would truly rather
see the world with eyes of compassion,
rather than that of destruction or evil.
I encourage each in everyone -- to continue
doing what is right in the Eyes of the Lord,
for the truth we seek, can truly be obtained.
The Lords blessings are upon us -- for the
Lord is Omnipresent. He is the Life, the Light,
and the Way. He is of Truth and Understanding.

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