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A Cambrian Tale In Cornwall; A Bardic Riddle
ST (Aug.11,1973 / Manitoulin Island, Ontario)

A Cambrian Tale In Cornwall; A Bardic Riddle

Loath is he to feel
Such emotive trepidation
By Taliesin’s own devise
Yet, Morgana’s love abounds (with ruby-blackened tears)

Swirling widdershins (in counter-form as so)
Brewing West to East (as Merlin decrees)
A song of South to North (fire to earth)
A solar battle of Toe to Head (waning to waxing)

“For thou hath bruised my temple”
Proclaims aloud Lord Hu Gadarn
“Yet soon thy heal will I smite”
As the wave of Dylan washes ‘pon the Cornish Shores

At the stones of Men an Tol stands he
Arthurian Hero, child of Arianrhod, Lancelot as his weird
Set alight yet again in a neo-flesh coil
Oh! Dearest Isolde….is love with Lord Mark or Tristan?

Druids pound a drum
On Tintagel’s Mount
Oh! Ye of blessed heart
Be loved by She
In The Mists of Avalon

The spell is cast from The Cauldron of Plenty
Lady Vivian smiles from the deep
As Her hand protrudes from bluing lake waters
Excaliber (or rather; Caladfwlch – Hard Dinter) is bestowed upon the worthy

As they struggle this perennial solar dance
The sword shall pass from West to East
South to North…………Toe to Head

Steve Trimmer

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