Life And Normality

Sitting awake On A cold winters night
Looking at the stars and the moon shining with a dark gloom light

There's an owl in a tree observing me I could also hear other things but my eyes would not let me see

Across the road At a Bonfire a man stops and stands warming his cold and feeble hands

Soon he was warm and continues on his ways knowing he would maybe be dead if he stays

Now I am back on my own all alone even the owl has long since flown

Being here with no one near my thoughts begin to travel and that's how this poem began to unravel

My heart is aching while I realize I am the devils for taking
my thoughts are racing faster than my heart is pacing

Where my mind was taking me was not mistaking me I was on the way to deep dark thoughts depressions is what they cause

getting me thinking about demonic possessions instead of getting on with my late night study sessions

Back to life as I snap out of my trance
Getting up and walking away now that I have got the chance

back to life and reality pretending that my life was just a simple normality

by Leroy Numa

Comments (4)

wow i realy like thus uneque poem., i am a fan of nature elements in poems.
a feel-good poem........... amusing............... keep writing Athena *** words will change the world ***
i love this poem...its so sweet and innocent and it made me smile.
This might make a fine illustrated children's book. And it made me smile. ~Shane~