JBE (5 April 1934 / Mounds, Il)

A...Cancerous Society - No Longer Benign

Our own fault, the assault, consequently the flair - scoundrel on a pedestal - the Billionaire. Though we saw it coming, it's patently absurd, they all told us who they were - yet, we said not a word. Waking up - realizing, despising the thought. Circumstance reverberating, society done wrought. Politicians, strategicians malignant, malign, cancerous theology, no longer benign. Tomorrow, thus borrow, no purpose, no plan - psychotic, chaotic, looms the future of man. Congress, no less, rubber stamping bullshit, cesspool of a White House - His Highness, morally unfit. Where we go to from here, fundamentally unclear - though the road we now travel, suggests....apocalypse - 'tis near.

One day, awakening, despising the thought, realizing what society's - detachment - done wrought. Politicians, strategicians - malignant, malign - and the "Cancerous Theology" - no longer BENIGN.

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