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A Candid Appeal To Bill Mitton

I know you don’t like candied peel, Bill, and can’t abide the taste
But see things from my point of view, Bill, what about the waste?
If I should pick all candied peel from packs of my mixed fruit
Should I just add more sultanas, or raisins, would that suit?

But what about the millions whom candied peel do crave
Shall we condemn them one and all to go down to their grave
Without the one delight that to them is very, very real.
And so, to be quite candid, to your charity I a-peel.

Let them have their pleasure, Bill, and when your birthday comes
I’ll bake a cake for you alone and just use candied plums!

Dedicated to Bill Mitton, bodhran player sans pareil

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Lovely poem for Bill, I didn't used to like peel, but I now don't seem to mind it, as long as it's not too hard. Love Ernestine XXX
OK Mícheáleen, you win, but I'm holding you to the birthday cake!