A Candied Christmas Promise Swirled

a candied Christmas promise swirled
with the candy canes you purchased in
the drug store late November on your break

from work; shirking the constant carping
on the job; in love with the gold rush angel abras
stirring above

a snowy candled breeze that Grandmother lit on Sundays;
and was it made of nougat creamed with stars, the hour,
with baby pieces of fruit and orange peel?

the succulent glaze of cherried-pineappled
reels among the glad too early counting
myself among?

let the dour walls everywhere be hung
with exorbitant holly whilst we are breathing in
the evergreens of the Christmas stand

across the street where you meet up
with your minted mind renewed
munching your way through the entire box,

starting on box number two and

filled with cordial sustenance
and more than these, let the bells reprieve
the wistful children marooned at school

and all unease collapse from the weight
of so much glory and the clouds overfilled
with valentines of snow arrive en masse

till the tyrants sigh we have to have to
let you go.
and we say from our skidding souls

overladen with deep bliss, oh

AT LAST, it's come to this...

mary angela douglas 9 july 2016

P.S. (Still munching) ...

P.P. S. No, I don't feel like a marzipan pig at all; they were two SMALL boxes (one of candy canes and the other of cordial chocolate cherries) and anyway, it was almost Christmas.

by Mary Angela Douglas

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