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A Canine's Poem
DT (9/11/89 / Michigan)

A Canine's Poem

Poem By Danny Taylor

I hear him whine at two A.M
Scratching and pushing on my door
I have no choice but to invite him in
And I know he won’t sleep on my floor

He always jumps on the foot of my bed
Every night to rest his paws
With one glance at his droopy face
I soon forget his simple flaws

He leaves me little room to sleep
He drools, and worse, he snores a lot
I cannot move him, what’s the use
His breath smells awful, and it’s hot

He hogs the covers and doesn’t wake
And all the while, I cannot rest
And when the alarm sounds morning bells
There he is, head on my chest

Although I haven’t slept in years
Next to his frame, so soft and wide
Sleep will just not be the same
Without my canine by my side…

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Comments (3)

From one dog lover to another Woof Done! you capture my plight with all three of mine: O)
Very touching. Dogs are wonderful companions. Take care. Kind regards, Sandra
Thought this was about my husband at first, forgetting the title... Ooo, just kidding! Now, THIS is love. Well done, Danny. Est : ]