A Canopy Of Silence

The wings of night
few silently under a silver moon,
lovers gazed into each other’s eyes
as they walked together
under a canopy of silence.

The eyes of night watched
as they walked
and no murmur was heard.
It was if they were enveloped
within a canopy of silence.

The two lovers leant against a tree
entangled in each other’s arms
as the moon shone down on them
and the stars danced in the night sky.
They held each other close
under a canopy of silence.

by David Harris

Comments (3)

Such a beautiful metaphor 'canopy of silence' to round off each stanza of this lyrical poem about night and love and the music of the stars. This is certainly one of your best. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
David, Are you sure Bonnie Collins hasn't written this? So beautiful and moving. This sinks deeply into my Pisces moon. Can't wait for tonight to see the moon!
I loved the imagery again Steve