# A Captivated Audience...

The sombre glacier breaks
Eons of its icy silence
As a water fall,

by Mamta Agarwal Click to read full poem

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Tears expresses the state of mind. Beautiful expression of feelings.
again, the last stanza has remainded me a play which written based on guruji tagore's a short story, where the main charecter young nature lover tenderly touch flowers and their leaves and become tearful! ! You great indeed Mamtaji!
10000000+ 'From the deep crevice In the mountain, it descends Like a torrent… The language it speaks Can not be matched By any human speech…' very pellucid picto........a deep look at the facts....... ammmmazing wording that imprinted.... really great! !
Ecstacy! ! ! ! ! ! Tears of happiness! ! ! ! That was the great bliss you felt of Nature.......Vivid portrayal with apt and rather stunning end.
Great write! Such an adorable piece!
wow...beautiful, beautiful...its a very strong and marvellous write ma'am, very smooth and the words which can be felt, the whole poem is great but i loved these lines most...... 'From east the Sun’s rays Have come down to play, The game of hide and seek…' bravo, bravo...a humble 10+++ for this marvellos piece... rgds asif
A very beautiful poem ingrained with elegance of natural scenic that really is worth reading in the form of good imageries and metaphors..........There comes a state on our mind in life when we observe things and conclude different things for better enhancements and steps............especially the first stanza really depicts your deep complete imagination about the natural scenics that seems to lie in your soul too...........absolute 10 Best Regards Sameer
This journey from Glacier to Vantage Point Brought tears of fulfillment into my eyes A perfect picture in a wall hangging Dear poet, we are with you to shed tears. A deep look into Nature's eyes Sure to bring tears from within. A serene experience shared with all of us. Enjoyed to the brim. Thank you.
beautiful imagery I see Eden at play- nice work Mamta ++++++10 anjali
lovely..you got along with the nature...read my poem 'the user'....similar
exquisite poetry wonderful imagery A++ anjali
tears...in which language do they speak?
Wonderful expressions of beauty provided to us by nature can be captivating indeed, as is this beautiful write. Well done, poet friend. Richard
And an Audience you shall capture, with this pioctorial penning grandeur, that is as smooth, as it is sweet....and welllll..............C A P T I V A T I N G! ! ! F j R 2009
This is an ode to nature and the serenity it brings, , very very true to nature write and honest feelings comming in tears, , ,
tears...why? yes...as you very eloquently put...'The language it speaks can not be matched by any human speech'…beautiful piece, Mamta..thanks for sharing...10
A true beautiful poem with a very refined theme of Nature's power to activate ones innerself with emotions popping-up in the form of tears. The scenery you have described really grabs the readers attention and ones memories are easily evoked.10/10.............Best Wishes..........Sameer
You write so beautifully Mamta, I am going to try to read all your poems. This shows how magnificent the wonders of nature are, being brought to tears by the sheer beauty shows your caring nature, thanks for this. 10 Lynda xxx
There is nothing more beautiful than what Mother Nature provides and you captured it perfectly in your elequent style, Mamta. Lovely! A '10+! ' Warm Wishes, Marilyn
It is so beautiful poem that I cannot express in words. Nature's divine inspiration and attraction is so strong that it has brought out from your heart all nostalgia, memories of someone and days bygone, sadness, thoughts and fears and transform all this into tears and poetry. You made me sad as well, Mamta......10/10. Regards Naseer