Great Big Morning Kisses

Sitting back here thinking of you
and am sending great big late morning
sweet kisses to sweet beautiful you.
Great big kisses to calm you and warm you,
great big kisses to honor you.
Great big late morning kisses to let you
know you are appreciated so much
and deeply cared for beyond all measure.
I wish you were here to give these
great big late morning sweet kisses to you
while looking deep in your gorgeous eyes
and confessing all of the love and the thanks
for you I hold within my heart and soul.
God bless you sweet one feel my arms around you
as I send these great big morning sweet kisses
of pure and true love to wonderful you.

by Michael P. McParland

Comments (3)

A frightening destiny- to live and nobody notices- -He lived a silent life alone, And laid him down when it was done; And at his head was placed a stone On which was carved a name unknown!
Does anyone know the history of this poem? I get the sense that it's slightly autobiographical and that he wrote the first part as a young man and added the ending later.
Good rhyme in balladic patterns. Captivating lines