A Careless Man

My friend scolded me
Several times
A careless man
nothing enters
into his muddy brain.

Read what you wrote
Use proper adjectives
to qualify a noun
and correct them.

A man of dreams
Dreaming stars
will they nurse you,
care you better than me?

I replied with a smile
wait and see
my mornings are Grey
and will turn into white
you, then moan
for the days
I stayed with you.

by sekharan pookkat

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I replied with a smile Wait and see My mornings are Grey And turn into white you.then moan for the days I stayed with you.- - - -Perhaps.if I understand it right, the Careless man is never careless.He knows well that even his compositions done with haste are like stars and will brighten his days more.This poem plunged me to deep thinking to get a meaning.Thank you for sharing.