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A Casino Or A Church

A multi-billion $ Casino buiding
under the sun..so dazzling, so sparkling.
People from different social levels
go there daily to gamble.
Big money won or lost in a wink.
Losing sends some gamblers to poverty brink.
Winners think the money are God-send.
Losers think the loss are works of Satan.
Winners want to win more and more cheque.
Losers want to win back the lost money back.
Losing millions is not a big deal for super-rich.
They never call it quit.
Some become so hooked, so addict.
Even losing home they would risk.
Greed has made their lives ruin
because they can't resist the temptation.
Every day thousands of people visit that famous Casino.
Millions of dollar won or lost in rapid flow.
To win or to lose, God does no one any favor.
HE wants the people earn money by honest labor.

In a nearby old Church
only a few people in poor dress
kneeling in a humble way
and in earnest pray.
The donation-box is almost empty
with a few small coin of money.
To which building you want to go?
A Church or a Casino?
A Church is for your soul.
A Casino is spiritually hollow.

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Actually, a church is far worse than a casino because with a church, you're gambling your whole life away. You're betting there's a supreme being who cares what you do and that he'll send you to a supernatural place after you're dead. It's one huge bet.
Quite a paradox! Loved the analogy of the two. A truthful poem! ; D