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A Cat
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A Cat

Poem By Louise Bizzari

There was A Cat left in a house
Whose occupants long gone
He comes and goes
With spotted nose
To wander there alone
Through vacant rooms
He hops and zooms
No ball of thread has he
Past moldy walls
Down doorless halls
He plays with hearty glee
Up cobwebbed chairs
Down rusty stairs
No whiney tigers gloom
He darts about
With fearless snout
In dark, in dust and doom

Louise Bizzari (14 yrs)

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Comments (17)

Being a cat-lover, I simply had to track down this little jewel! Hope that you are still writing, or will resume soon.
Very good observation....lovely lovely verses.....superb- - 10++++++
I love cats...... both domestic and big wild cats++++++++++++++ congrats on being selected for the day+++++++++
A wonderful poem that gives a lively description of a cat.
Lone it was, yet a whole house it had inherited; it was a well blessed cat.