Poem By Daniel Lopez

An unwelcome guest –
A cat sits on a wall
Beside the busy street!

Comments about Lust

Can you explain this a bit?
Nice in fact. I am learning from you.
I do believe you have overlapped a syllable from the middle line onto the last line. You do very well with haiku however. It would appear that those who are commenting below do not recognize the haiku form of poetry. Auro even requests that you expand a haiku (chuckle, chuckle) . Adeline May I point out that it is mannerly to read other's and before asking them to read one's own.
The small writes of yours remind me of minimalism... perfect, just paint the picture and go... almost as a stencil on a wall... no wasteful meandering up paths which lead to nowhere... i am fast becoming a fan...tyvm karen
very very graphic...

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