NS (05/06/1983 / Warrington)

A Cat Called 'society'

A bucketful of mutiny and I can argue myself to sleep
You my love can be dirty, you my love can be sweet
You my love can be faithful, you my love can be closed
You my love can be homespun
That’s just the way it goes I suppose
Blanket upon filthy blanket
They warm me just the same
This carpet collects the teardrops but nothing else is retained
Our steps do seem uncertain
Our vision is somewhat unclear
Your speech today is mumbled
As we take this walk in nuclear
My menthol mentor aids me
To breathe on from day to day
He tells me
He ensures me
The sky won’t always be this grey
Are you sitting comfortably?
Good, then I’ll begin my tale
I was once a wicked whisper who walked a wicked dale
But now I long to see you standing in all your silk
I knew a cat called society but she wouldn’t take my milk

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