(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

A Cat Named Frank

He is a beautiful kitty cat
Frank is his name
And around the barnyard
He has risen to fame

Not only does he have
A coat so warm and soft
He’s quite the little mouser
Even up in the tall hay loft

He has a certain way
About him, it’s a fact
His personality, my friend
Changes how you react

You fall in love so quickly
When Frank comes into the room
For he takes a lot of time
Out of his busy day to groom

He keeps your heart on a string
And this you can take to the bank
When you become a victim of
A charming cat named Frank!

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Comments (29)

I just read your ducks poem and now this one. I can tell that you love animals, and I sense that you love people as well. Therefore, people will also love you.
Actually, come to think of it, I have several 'cats' poems. Cats (in the style of Heather Burns) Cats (in the style of Bri Edwards) Cats (in the style of Wes Vogler) Cats (in the style of Edgar Allan Poe) etc.
Frank is a feline phenomenon. I wrote a cat poem last year called Chester the Cat. He's quite an interesting cat because he can't meow!
Frank is a cool cat!
Cute piece. A close friend of mine cares for ferral cats so I.m alwayys very interested in cat poems.
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