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A Cat's Tale
SA (19 Mar 1979 / KGF, India)

A Cat's Tale

Poem By Seema Aarella

This is a story....which i know and many of u might be knowing it...in my words..just in case...if u missed it! ! !

Once there lived a lazy cat.
Too clumsy to chase a rat
Lying on roof, he used to pray
'God bring me my desired prey
Send me happiness in leaps and bounds
I hate to take these midnight rounds
Like a king I wish to live
This one wish u have to give”.
God then sent an urgent mail
“Ur happiness lies in your tail! ”
The cat sprung, and turned around
Stretched and went round and round
All its efforts went in vain,
The cat dropped down meowing in pain
A fruitless effort the cat put on.
Morning, noon then night came upon
That is when the cat realized
Hunger had left it almost paralyzed
He had to eat, he made a move
Walked away in search of food
Then he turned back to see
“Why is the tail following me? ”
The stupid cat understood now
Laziness has nothing to give
Work hard if u have to live
On your duty if you go
Happiness will surely follow.

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ur poems are good seema i hope u have written many than other u standing 173 its good go further............... notsandi
A fun poem, a cute story with a real moral. Well done, I'm glad I got a chance to read this.