The Delight In Harmony

All around us are colours, vibrant and varied
Earth never is left dull in sombre shades of grey
God has created an assortment of shades
To feast our eyes and make us gay

Once, brewed a quarrel in the kingdom of colours
As often happens in all other walks of life
Who is superior was the question contented
And each colour rallied into an open strife

Green was the first to come with his claims
“No doubt, I am the uncrowned king of all
I am the symbol of life and abiding hope”
Announced he, standing proud and tall

“Plants and trees are clad in green
Making the Earth look so serene
Feel my ubiquitous presence everywhere
And decide who else has the right to sit on the throne? ”

Blue interrupting, said a little annoyed,
“Your vision, is confined to the ground, you see!
Look up and spot me in the vast panorama of the sky
And also in the fathomless waters of the sea”

“The Deep where I abide in regal grace
Is a treasure trove of mystery and enormous wealth
The sky, I roam round carries all celestial bodies
And I wrap the Earth in folds of azure chiffon cloth”

Yellow was not prepared to give up the strife
He put forth his weighty claims for the crown
“The Sun, the source of all energy is of my shade
The Moon and stars are also clad in yellow gown

Many a flower adorning your garden bears my tint
I travel in the scintillating beams of the morn
Don’t you see me in Amber, Beryl and Topaz?
I am there in autumn and in the ripening corn”

Orange too had many tall claims to make
He said, “I symbolize warmth and might
When the sky burns orange on twilight eves
I light up very many hearts with great delight

The ripening fruits like pumpkin and papaya
The orange and mangoes bear my shade
Though I don’t opt to be seen everywhere
I make myself conspicuous, once I am not in hide”

Of all colours, Red was the most aggressive
“I am the symbol of courage and warfare”
Asserted he, in unequivocal terms
“I am the one who moves you to action dire

I, being the colour of blood running through your veins
Am closely aligned to life and vitality
I symbolize the warmth of passionate romance
And give a kick start to life in totality”

Indigo stood quite calm and composed
He said in words gentle and in a tone, serene
“I allow meditation without distraction
From all commotions, I save you as a screen

I am the key to cosmic knowledge and wisdom
You can see me in the deep midnight sky
I am the link between the finite and the infinite
None can my power of perception defy”

Thus rang their contentions loud n'vile
None was willing to give up his claim
Dark clouds, suddenly gathered in the sky
And rain splattered with lightning, flashing like flame

The colors in great fright huddled together
Rain like a mediator, chiding them told;
“Why fight with each other like thoughtless fools
Know that you are the children of a loving God

Each one has a mission unique and collective
God loves you all and He needs you now
So come with me, giving up all bickering right away
See for yourself what magic He intends to do and how

In the azure vault of that damp evening sky
God put them together in harmony like a crescent
The world that looked up at the rain washed sky
Was stunned by that sight, so dazzling and pleasant!

by Valsa George

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Add a comment.nice poem
my family bosses me I don't like it but they keep dowing it to me my sister and brother fite all the time
This poem has haunted me since I was 13 years old. As a cat lover (and a bird lover) I identified with the poet, the cat and the birds all at once. Beautiful work. My cats have bells on their collars - very few successful bird hunts! B
This is a perfect poem. We see the cat as flatly unsympathetic: even her owners lock her out and drown her kittens. But she's more than that: she kills thrushes and nightingales (and blackbirds, which are as colorful as crows and ravens aren't) and other creatures that we, as audience, prefer. But the larger forces of life (nature and 'God, ' whatever he, she, or it is) treat her more kindly. The poem is so understated that the last line is arresting and very tender.
This is a poem of welcome good fortune: to live a long life, being what she was meant to be despite all and then called home to rest by none other than God! Outdoor cats are in a war zone; pity Edward Thomas did not have the same good fortune.
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