Mother Earth, S Message

It's that time of the year
When earth has to be ploughed
Prepared to be turned over,
and new seeds have to be sowed
It's part of its life
To bear this change
No matter how much pain
It entails to be endured.

Soon there will be monsoon rains
Trying their best to beat the heat
Helping Mother Earth to regain
It's faith
in what Almighty has preordained

Behind every pain, that we undergo
Is a thought out plan, for new saplings to grow
For each one of us is a fertile plain
That needs to be prepared
For the larger gain

And now every time my life gets insane
I know I have been chosen
Time for me to work
And forget to be a fallow land

by Nalini Jyotsana Chaturvedi

Comments (5)

that's the problem with man he thinks to much?
This is to be taken personally. There is something in each of our lives to be consider for the likeness of one, or both, of the examples given in this poem. Thanks for the caution and awareness Mr. Nash.
And the Devil reading this winked Realizing this aspect God had not thinked And matters so far linked Suggests mankind is on the brink....
Beautiful poem with great message..
Like this if you hate when you dropp a big poop and the water comes back up and splashes your butt