A Celebration At The Zoo

The zoo that night sparkled and shined.
There was an explosion of light!
The workers appeared, the scene complete.
From the cages a great fire-breathing dragon tumbled out.
Everyone cheered and the workers were happy-the hardest part was over.
A graceful dolphin leaped from one end of the pool to another.
People relaxed, slurping their hot chocolate drinks.
An elephant with extravagant clothing walked out.
Dramatic music started playing-would there be a surprise?
A lion with pink fur walked out roaring as the music reached a climax.
The small insects buzzed out of their cage-notably a ladybug with green spots.
'The history of this soo reaches back to 2116, ' the announcer said.
The centennial anniversary went on for another 100 hours after midnight, and most people came and went as time went on.
To this day, I still look the the centennial as the epitome of anniversaries.

Note: this poem was written simultaneously as words were drawn out of a box, with only 30 seconds to write down the sentences. I have edited the wording a little.

by Owen Yang

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