A Certain Loss

Poem By Ruth Walters

Slowly they fade,
sharp jaw lines,
strong limbs,
firm skin.

Trees lose leaves
in winter
as we all
shed our youth.

Sounds evaporate,
they peter
in and out,
out and in.

Soon a mist falls
like a foggy haze,
it blurs and blots
the landscape.

Strength and vigor
leave us slyly,
as they slip away.

The mirror's our
one consolation.
We don't see
so clearly now

and as a wintry sun
winks and mocks
we lose the will
to pair odd socks.

Comments about A Certain Loss

A great write and the despondency of the last verse bereft of will to perform even mundane tasks perfectly epitomizes decline of flesh and spirit or perhaps liberates a soul from the tedium of the everyday.
I like this one Ruth. I like - 'in and out... out and in', and the last verse is a beaut'. Merry Easter my friend.
A poem about the loss that is certain...so neat and realistic...the acceptance is all, that makes life more easy to live and smooth till the end...but how easy to say and how difficult to undergo such a fact! a nicely done poem!
A marvelous march of mortality that minuses morbidity with its beauty! Well done my friend!
Well you've written a beautiful poem about losing youthfulness and going towards old age. This is what happening with my grandma as well, she often tells me that she can't chew her food well and has saggy skin, you've encaptured those moments nicely :) regards hira

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