Old Marriage Style

Unwillingly ushered in a house unknown,
Saw a young lady keeping head down,
White complexioned girl with eyes brown,
Almost frozen but expressions not frown,

I was at pained to learn orthodox way,
Children still not allowed having a say,
Uncertainty more and prediction less,
What is in store only assumptions and guess?

With great courage one may ask “hello”
Limited conversation and tradition to follow,
Parents present and limited talks,
Accompany to little distance with few step walks;

I am your would be companion,
Running a shop but not a champion,
Will allow freedom that you need,
No dowry, nothing or any more greed,

“Will you marry me” simply I ask,
Rush blood on face but hide in mask,
Wait for an answer and okay the proposal,
Parents too were ready for quick disposal,

Quick come yes as no competition,
answer ready even without question,
so stage is ready for lovely meet,
parent happy and exchange greet,

Day for final count down almost arrive,
simple way to wed and not to connive,
It’s way of life and norms to follow,
promise made doesn’t seem hollow

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Hahahahahahaha. I love a humorous yet barbed poem and he is master of the genre!
Such going ons. fun, intricate and great to read.
A great fun write. Enjoyed it.+++10
The confining wall! ! Thanks for sharing.
Single shade.... thanks for posting.....