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A Challenge In Rhyme

A murdered poet? Is it true?
What the hell should we do?

Should we bid ourselves adiu?
Should we cheer, should we boo?
Should we shout into the blue?
Should we gasp, should we coo?
Should we drink the fallen dew?
Make a coat of a newborn ewe?
Mourn the loved and fallen few?
Stop and hold us all with glue?
Laugh at those of even hue?
And were God’s first people really Jews?
Cause I Never heard of one named Lou.
Yes, cows are always saying moo,
That of course, is nothing new.
There’s nothing here for saying “oooo”
Or sitting pious in a pew,
Or standing in a pious queue,
Or in Paris at the Rue.
American’s will always sue.
Yes they will, and me too.
So here’s a “Dear John” line for you:
And all without a darkened view,
There’s nothing left to win or woo,
Nothing left but me and you.
Surely seems like a lonely zoo

by Sandra Osborne

Comments (6)

As a R&R poet, I loved it. I hope you'll visit my place. It was certainly a challenge. I will have a poem posted someday, that was a rhyming challenge .But for now, there is a word play poem you might enjoy. It's called 'Somewhere'. A very fine job, I didn't know we had so many choices there. GW62
Bravo Sandra...very well done. May I invite you to read my similar challenge Lake Delight Robert
Alot of thought when into this, splendid rhyme!
What the hell should we do? What all you said they are true.(add this please) Each line ends with a rhyming word of the same order. A good attempt to connect all the 'ooos' in the dictionary.
Very ingenious. I've got it up to 2.8 (deserves much more) .
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