A Chance

I wonder how close I can get, or if I even have a chance
Will you maintain your stance, that we are all the same?
With good intentions you can't blame, me for wanting to try
Those innermost thoughts I'd like to pry, and help change your mind
Can I help fade over time, the scars etched in your heart
Or have you gotten used to those dark, deep wounds that seem to last
Can I ease the pain of your past, making it as if those before me never existed
Please forgive my persistence, but this task I must complete
Ready to show and give you all of me, with no reservation
Yet with you there's hesitation, are you putting up a fight?
Afraid that I just might, get close enough to do some damage?
On the contrary I'm the bandage, wanting to heal your pain
Why do you wallow in the rain, do you not believe sunshine will come?
You're always ready to run, am I getting too close?
Maybe I can give you a dose, of this medicine called love
Or will you deprive me of, the very thing that I'm after
Can I simply capture, a moment in your life?
And if the timing is right, I'd like to get a little deep
I wonder if you aim to sweep, a woman off the ground
Or have you found, it's no longer worth your sweat
Would you rather forget, all about this thing called us?
Won't you allow my touch, to warm your heart back to life?
And my words when spoken right, will chase away your uncertainty
Are you scared of what might be, if you let your guard down?
Can't go wrong with me around, I'll take good care of your heart
But only if you give me a chance

by Poetic Jae

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