SH (01 may 1962 / U.S.A.)

A Chance (And Hope) For All

The cow died
When the rooster crowed
All the seeds were planted
All the crops sowed;
No more land of milk and honey
No more selling forgiveness
For the proper money,
The Rose bloomed
With singular salvation
Upon the sunrise
That alit all creation.
Peter cried-
Judas died,
May both by God
Find forgiveness,
In a Land
Far, far away
From mankinds mortal mess...
For, I have been with them both,
In my own way;
As I wander and look just as much
For that perfect place,
And that perfect day.
- The hope of us all
Standing here with our backs to the wall,
Just may be
Held in the scarred hands of Eternity.

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Comments (5)

Hello Smoky indeed we all find ourselves walking in sinners shoes hopefully we will all be held in the scarred hands of Eternity beautiful words a gem of a poem well done you
A brilliant allegorical in style poem. Deep, but I get your drift.Mankinds mortal mess will get us all. An amazing job
An enchanting and deep read, thank you
That last line pure not surprised by it, not at all! :)
Smoky, I like this because its different. Ive never read it put quite this way. Very work by a very good writer. Your friend Lynn