JA (11/30/87 / Oklahoma)

A Change Of Heart.

There is a time in every mans life
where he meets the woman of his dreams.
He attempts to follow this dream
avoiding the steam
of his past creeping from behind.
but before long it becomes too strong
beginning to crush the dream he waited so long for.
The woman he adores has no idea what he has in store
for the night that he leaves her side.
She will cry up until the minute before he gets in the ride
to leave her.
He will state, 'I no longer wish to date...' and with that the noble sir
will turn and wink
as he begins to sink down to one knee.
he will begin his plea with four simple words... 'Will you Marry me? '.
as she waits for his return
hopefully she will show concern
and think of a good reply...

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