Emptiness can fill your life
I've been consumed by it for years
From being bashed by men i've chosen
To the solitude and tears.

Emptiness is like a cavity
It yearns to rot and decay,
Eventually your just and empty shell
And just wish you could fade away

Emptiness leads to depression
And then when your cold inside
You feel there's nothing left for you
Emptiness leads to suicide

by Shayli Harris

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I am fed to the teeth with old ewe, ........ well penned
My first time reading this poem or anything by Banjo Paterson. This story hooked me and had me smiling at the end. And the rhyming form was perfect for the telling. And one more thing I enjoyed—the fresh language in it—lignum dark, stropped his tusks on a hanging limb—cool! -GK
Very beautiful poem. You inspire me to write a poem in similar style.
The live video shooting of the hunter and his target, along with their movement, wonderfully narrated in this beautiful verse.
Now Banjo - he could tell a story that painted a picture in my mind…and then some…!
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