KT (12 January 1997 / Kutlwanong Location Odendaalsrus)

A Chapter In A Book Of Life


As a girl
You grow up to be a person your parents wishes you to be
You grow to be their reflection,
their pride and their image

As years goes by
You realise that their wishes of you
does not fit to your personality
Yet! good enough to protect your identity..

You fear taking change
'Cause you fear disappointing them
You fear doing wrong in their presence
You fight a losing battleinside you
For you wish not to break a binding chain of trust in them..

Forgetting that each year you grow
You become a new person
You open a new chapter in a book of life..

You realise that life isn't fairy as they told you
You constantly feel pain
And sorrow becomes your closest friend..

Now you fear growing up
You're scared
For you wish not to open a new chapter in a book of life
For you know.. this life is not like a red flowers as you thought it would be...

For this life taste sweet like dessert
Yet! Never enjoyed..
Each chapter you open
You make plans
You dream and hope thingswill work out for you

Forgetting that failure is there
As a reminder that not all things are given on a silver platter.

People will always be there to judge you
'Cause they do not understand your path
They will judge you because they fear you
For your way of doing things is different..

You fear change
You fear it will hurt your family
You forget that life isn't all about them
but you and what you want in life.

Sometimes you live to satisfy their needs
Hurting your soul
You wish not to hurt theirs
Forgetting that this life isn't all about them but you...

You fear making change
'Cause you think it will damage their reflection
You grow to be their portrayed image.

But do they know that behind this beautiful image
lies a crying soil
lies a brokenhearted girl
Lies a broke pieces of a child's dreams? ?
Do they know?
Do they? ?

Rachel La Poetess

by Kwenadi Thobejane

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Thank you so much.. I hope to write and share poems that will directly hook you up
This one speaks directly with my soul