They Put Us Far Apart


They put Us far apart—
As separate as Sea
And Her unsown Peninsula—
We signified "These see"—

They took away our Eyes—
They thwarted Us with Guns—
"I see Thee" each responded straight
Through Telegraphic Signs—

With Dungeons—They devised—
But through their thickest skill—
And their opaquest Adamant—
Our Souls saw—just as well—

They summoned Us to die—
With sweet alacrity
We stood upon our stapled feet—
Condemned—but just—to see—

Permission to recant—
Permission to forget—
We turned our backs upon the Sun
For perjury of that—

Not Either—noticed Death—
Of Paradise—aware—
Each other's Face—was all the Disc
Each other's setting—saw—

by Emily Dickinson

Comments (7)

Wow A Well Composed poem A Character Worthy Of emulating. More Inspiration
So may it be for me and all of us as in the last stanza. -GK
So be you simple, decent, kind, With gentle heart and quiet mind; And if to righteous anger stung, Restrain your temper and your toungue......touching expression with nice theme. It is a beautiful didactic poem by Robert William Service.
A nice good-humoured write.++10
Such a great write by Robert William Service👍👍👍
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