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The Hills Of Carrara
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The Hills Of Carrara

Poem By John Ruskin

You, see the world through the eyes of a child-
One who has contemplated the soft chirping of
The emerald crickets at midnight.
One who gathers the brown leaves of autumn together
Simply to kick them away again.
One who smiles widely when called
By his mother.
One who weeps unashamed when he is alone
And lost.
One whom asks large questions,
And is given small replies.
A chaser of mist.

We’ve gained many things-
Yet lost all of these.
I have devoted my time
To growth,
Yet all I now wish is
To shrink.

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Comments (6)

Tsk, tsk, somebody gave you less than a ten! Who was that culprit? LOL I love this poem so much. I'd give you a hundred but for programming restraints at poemhunter. This is awesome. I need to go buy a thesaurus. I can tell I'm going to run out of superlatives, like, real soon. (smile)
We should always keep in touch with our inner-child.very wistfull...a ten from me....
O.o Very nice poem! ! You make me feel worthless: S
Wow I have been left speechless. And to many that is hard to do. ~Autumn~
This is absolutely beautiful, and insightful to boot. Great, great job!