A Cheater Caught

You took off with him
Seeking something new
Little did you know
The things that he would do to you

While he was cheating
On his girlfreind with you
He was cheating on you
With someone that you knew

While his girlfriend sat at home
He ran around with you
When you weren't with him
He was off with the woman you knew

But one day his adventures
Were all found out about
He hurt you so very much
That you wanted to scream and shout

So while you thought you were the one
You found out you were not
Your stomach turned, it made you sick
Some will say, you deserved what you got

A man who cheats on his girlfriend
Then cheats on the one he's cheating with
I guess to him it didn't matter
I guess it was all worth the risk


by Ray Hansell

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Comments (10)

Been the victim of a cheater. Thank you for sharing; this is touching, wonderful and relateable!
Heartfelt words. A situation that I have never experienced and could not even imagine the pain and the distrust. Thank you
A cheaters eyes loses their color and their kiss will never find its way to a lasting happy place, congrats for poem of the day!
Your welcome, Edward.
A Cheater! ! Full of lies. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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