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A Chicken Afraid Of The Dark
NH ( / London)

A Chicken Afraid Of The Dark

All night long the dogs would howl,
And in his tiny thumping heart,
Small chicken knew,
That as the icy wind drew closer,
And the nights grew longer,
And the stars seemed to shine less brightely,
That the birds overhead,
And the people all around,
Would be sat around a fire,
Or with their family,
But not small chicken,
He was alone this icy December,
And as the dogs howled,
His tiny stomach yowled,
And the night echoed back.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

Comments (2)

Now you've gone and done it- -how can I happily munch on a chicken leg after you've made them so pitiful?
Oh God! you made me feel sorry for a chicken! I've wrung the necks of loads and never given it a thought. In fact in the Army I was presented with a dead chicken to de-feather and gut, clean and cook as part of an exercise. The bloody ting woke up, no-one would let me kill it and I ate very little that day. It lived for 2 years as a pet at the Sergeant's Mess. The children loved her and called her Maude. I think because I was going to 'Mauder' her? Anyway, loved the poem.