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A Chicken Is Not Just For Christmas
NH ( / London)

A Chicken Is Not Just For Christmas

A chicken is not just for christmas,
Treat him real nice all year,
Celebrte his birthdays,
With cake and crisps and beer,
And don't let him get depressed,
Treat him as your neighbour,
Because if he gets under dressed,
You'll have to do the hard labour.

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Comments (2)

Hey! That's just what I've been saying about my neighbor's turkey! ! !
I have absolutely no idea what this means Nick.......I can get the treating somebody nice part, celebrating with him......Oh my gosh, I'm really trying! All it's doing is making me laugh though and the more I try to come up with a logical meaning behind it, the more I am making myself laugh. (Feel free to send me a note and explain) I really am curious and I'm not meaning to offend you. I enjoyed this poem....the visuals it gave me really made me laugh! ~ that's a good thing! :) Sincerely, Mary