A Child.

Bold, brave
and beautiful
strong of limb
bright of eye

by Gillian.E. Shaw Click to read full poem

Comments (8)

As if I were there while you saw the little girl. Nice touchy poem. So I gave 10.
Your subject grabs at my heart, the flow of your poem pleases the palate of my mind. Good job, Gillian. Ron
Gillian, your timing and metre in this poem are so good! tears sprang to my eyes at the last line and I felt what you did - though I admit with shame that in life I fight these feelings back, in fear that I'll be overwhelmed by them.
A great poem Gillian, it's always worrying to see a child in distress and wondering if you should get involved. Well written. Best wishes, Andrew
dear shaw, i found the last two verses rather surprising and intriguing. why were u afraid ofher.
Emotionally vivid, your touching poem was well worth reading.
Oh my Goodness, this is heart wrenching, such attention to fine detail, a beautiful yet sad piece of excellence* Thankyou for sharing it with the reader, Oh if you have the time Please read, , ' HOW MANY KNOCKS? ' Love duncan X
Gillian, Lovely poetry. The shattering of of innocence, of childhood dreams and expectations is so very cruel, and I think you capture this sadness in your write... portrayed by a childs anger. Thankyou Egal..