A Child In Man's Clothes

I wonder if people understand the snow
With its ability to recall all we know
To remember like motion pictures shows
Its great power to wash away grieve and pain
When so often others seem to make them remain

So on the night of that falling gentle white
I stopped to reflect, to remember and watch
I was able to recall the wonders of my children, our snow ball fights
And banish to the back
The long ago nights of anquish and frights

It was like then I was playing with my children
Laughing, giggling, love, and our snow fights
It was there during the building of snow forts
Snow caves, snowmen and those snow fights
That I learned what God wanted
Souls to be free
To choose life
What ever we'll be

I think of another given
That God would never force me to heaven
So when it snows I stop what ever I'm doing
Put on my shoes and coat
Go out and play in the snow
Make a few to throw
Even if only at a pole

Last night I smiled and said thank you God
For I felt something on the inside, that God was pleased
Because He wouldn't force His love on our minds
Yet in namless ways taught me about love, good, and kind

So as I came in for the night
The memories of my children, the snowball fights
I sighed and turned on a light
And there on the table stood a cup of hot coco-
Another thing I loved on these nights
Surprised that my wife had been watching
Seems that she knows what I'm like

A child in man's clothes

by Clyde Bryson

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