(8-2-1945 / Gorakhpur)

A Child Is A Flower

Like hot gases orbiting round a burning star
Conjugal life starts like that of mother earth
Extracting life from their father's sunlight
Cooling and reshaping in a planet of worth
Rains of love cool them and turn them green
Roots go on working though remain unseen.

Fatigue of life working like the green leaves
Preparing food of tolerance and understanding
The sunlight of life transforming moonlights
In beautiful, colorful, fragrant buds sleeping
Until pleasant spring winds awake the beauty.
And then starts the joy of parental duty.

A joy is it to remain disturbed during nights
For a colorful and fragrant flower, a child,
Three in one, two lovers and their love
How lovely is the flower, how soft and mild!
That's how love is rewarded by nature
A peal from nature's unending treasure!

My child! My eyes admire your pretty colors,
My soul feels your refreshing fragrance
You are the best among all flowers that spring
I feel humble get rid of my arrogance
I have seen ugliness you have seen only charms
How beautiful I am when you are into arms.

My child! My heart is full of love and kindness
Magic is your softness beauty is your innocence
My earth is a glimpse of a garden in the heaven
It's all due to you and your angelic excellence
In showing a virtual image of God unseen,
But a true real image on my heart's screen.

My child! Master of so many amazing miracles
In the language of God, meaningless apparently
Your words my heart understands and reacts
Either cry or smile you perform so perfectly
You describe yourself completely in a book
And your book is only a few seconds' look.

My child! I have no worldly reason to love,
Still if I love you, you're a reward a gift
How pure you are how silky and smooth!
Like the finest flour by an angelic sift
A pretty flower of love, in me your trust!
Who says you are an output of the lust!

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (4)

Your love for children and your poetry skill is examplarily carried out in this poem Akhtar ....great work... thank you
What a great poem, such a lovely description of a mother's sentiments for her child.
Janab Akhtar Jawad You give life to a flower Born to a mother she alone knows, she is the creator of the world's firstest wonder She alone raises her head above all asunder who is the monument of this universe who sends her love for her child first she gave birth to nature’s beauty was it not her natural duty and Aktar Jawad Sahib ''aap ney toe kamaaal kardiya iss phool koe hamesha kay liye abaad kardiya'' Shukriya uss maa ka jiss ney aap koe janam diya bakee hum subh to hain fakir aapke padengay likhee hue lakeer Mahir poet you are Sir! We are only like a shooting star you alone are ‘’ankhon ka noor’’ aapkoe padney kay liye hum karengay duniya koe mujboor Khuda Hafiz Janab Akhtar Please forgive me for my half- hearted Hindi Urdu to express my appreciation for your poetry made me '' muzboor....'' Thank you
What amazing flow of lovely sentiments.....! It seems, words are flowing in a torrent while describing the beauty, loveliness and innocence of a child! You seem to be trapped by the angelic charm of a baby! Indeed a beautiful poem.....! A sure 10