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A Child Laborer(2)

122 kinds of goods,
that are produced,
include diamond, jade, teak wood,
soccer ball, glass bangle, leather,
firework, carpet, foot wear,
rubber, gold, silver,
sweet strawberry,
and pornography.

International Labor Organization estimates
that more than 12 million working in forced labor or bondage,
that more than 200 millons of children
working in evironment with danger,
around the world in 58 countries,
where there are widespread poverty.

The big boss exploits the child labor,
Making big money is what he cares.
The products are cheap.
Low labor cost gives him profit...a big heap.
The consumers should think twice before they buy.
What if the child laborers were their daughters and boys?
These children lose their childhood of studying and playing.
Instead they are working, sweating and back-aching.

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